Hustlaball Berlin Germany
17th October 2014  (review)

Buenos Aires Pride Argentina
15 November 2014 

Miami White Party USA
26th Nov - 1st Dec 2014  (review)

WE New Year Festival Spain
26th Dec - 1st Jan 2015 

Arosa Ski Week Switzerland
11-18 January 2015 

Midsumma Melbourne Australia
18th Jan - 8th Feb 2015 

Rio Carnival Brazil
13-17 February 2015  (review)

Sydney Mardi Gras Australia
Saturday 7th March 2015 (review)

Euro Gay Ski Week France
21-28 March 2015  (review)

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Money, Money, Money... we all love money. The party showcased all the glamor, glitz, seductive power and raw dirty cash that is the bank of WE. 
A night of full on hardcore sex entertainment from "The worlds most famous & biggest gay porn event". HustlaBall is the dogs bollocks of all parties!  
Its easy to fall in love with Tel Aviv, we had so much fun. The friendly people, sunny beaches, great gay scene and lots of history and things to do make it a unique destination
A country with many fantastic adventures, spectacular waterfalls, tropical rain forests, white sand beaches, clear waters, sea life, corals, lagoons and volcano's
If you like sexy party boys then this event was heaven. The 5 days of parties during the WE Festival of Madrid Pride were great fun, and a privilege to be apart of.
Circuit Festival 2013
It's one of the gay best events in the world, held every August in Barcelona Spain. 12 days of clubbing, pool parties and beach fun in the sun.
A great day out in London where the weather was as hot as the boys. A massive dance tent rotated big name DJ's while big name acts entertained us on the main stage
When we film videos for our XXX site the key to making them popular is fun, lots of naked fun and games. And straight boys love to be filmed doing it too so bring it on! 
Yet another an amazing event from WE Party London. Big production with dancers, visuals and DJ's make it London's biggest and best gay night out.
Lick it, suck it, eat it...
Everyone love's Banana's, this party had to be WE London's best ever, with throbbing Banana's hanging from every corner!!
Before these new recruits are accepted into the army they need to pass their medicals. Dr Geary has the task of probing & inspecting the boys and their toys
Its a slippery, slidey, gooey mess rolling around with naked straight boys. Watch some fantastic video of big juicy dicks and balls flopping about all over the place