Birmingham Pride - May 2004

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Gay Pride Festival 2004

Birmingham’s Pride is always the first one in the UK. Next is London on the 3rd July, then Brighton on the 7th August, Manchester takes place over the bank holiday weekend 28th August and the last but not least Cardiff on the 4th September. The events are always a good day out. A chance to let your hair down and meet friends you haven’t seen since probably the previous year’s festival.

Birmingham, the UK’s second largest city, always holds its 3 day pride festival over the bank holiday weekend at the end of May. The parade, that starts over by the town hall and winds its way down to the gay village, was as usual great fun to be involved with. My friend Tom and I wore little yellow numbers working for the Nightingale Club, while the other boys did black Speedo’s for the DV8 nightclub.

Later on I was persuaded to try for the first time some magic mushrooms that one of the stalls was selling… WOW what an afternoon I had on them!! Here’s a short 2 minute video from the parade and 3 galleries of photos from the parade, festival, Nightingale, DV8 and Subway City...

Special thanks to: Pride committee, Upton, Nightingale, DV8, Shark Energy and Bent Magazine

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