Fireman Wrestle - March 2009

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Lube Wrestling with Firemen

The Nightingale Club in Birmingham held a lube wrestling night using real local firemen as the entertainment. The event raised about £200 for the firemen’s charity; one way of raising the cash was to pay to wrestle them. I’m sure the older of the two firemen had a little crush on the younger one; he was keen to touch and pull his trunks off. Kind of sweet to think they are work buddies looking after each other’s back in the fire fighting.

The evening was also in conjunction to promote Europe’s biggest gay festival: Circuit Festival 2009. Superstar DJ Enrico Arghentini was flown in from Spain especially for the event. Circuit Festival 2009 is a week long event of Matinee parties in the beautiful Barcelona sunshine. The most popular events last year was the Water Park Gay Day and the massive main event party at the Olympic Basketball Stadium. This year it runs from 1-9 August and we wouldn’t miss it for the world – last year it was amazing. Check out our photos & video review of last years Circuit Festival, or log onto

The Nightingale has changed a lot in the last few years, there are still 3 floors but the upstairs (funky house music room) which always use to be busy is now unfortunately quite empty. The club seems to be just focused on the cheesy - pop music crowd, and this wasn’t the type of crowd that would be interested in Circuit Festival’s funky house music. I actually felt sorry for the Circuit Festival crew that flew all that way from Spain for a crowd that was totally wrong for them. DJ Enrico Arghentini played a fantastic set, however I don’t think the crowd of the Nightingale was really suitable for such a DJ. Hopefully after the planned refit of the top room the muscle boys who like house music will be back and change the club back into what it use to be - one of the UK’s biggest and best gay clubs for everyone.

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