Wet and Wild 2006 - Nightingale Club, Birmingham

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Naked and Soaped up in the Shower

It was wet, and it was wild. The annual Wet & Wild event, held in the Nightingale Club (Birmingham, England) was sold out with people eager to see the contestants naked in the shower.

12 hot boys entered, each took a turn to get soaped up by us gogo boys in the on-stage shower. The new Nightingale manager Simon hosted the night. 1st place went to a very sexy straight boy called Andrew, he won a £1500 holiday to Turkey. 2nd place (only just missing the top spot) went to another straight boy called Rob, who works as a security street warden. 3rd place was won by a gay boy, the sexy cute Ashley who also entered last year.

More details on next years event: NightingaleClub.co.uk

You can watch the full video’s from the show via the web site: BoySpyCam.com