Blackpool Pride - May 2009

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Blackpool Pride 2009

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Blackpool is a coastal town in the North West of England (just west of Manchester), with one of the biggest gay communities in the country. Blackpool’s well known as a “holiday resort” due to its sandy beaches, the “golden mile” of fun fair type attractions and piers, and a spectacular Pleasure Beach Theme Park (with the tallest & fastest rollercoaster in Europe).

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This was our first Blackpool Pride and a really good fun weekend away to remember. Due to recent train improvements, the new fast Virgin train service from London meant the journey time has almost halved, now it takes less than 3 hours which is a lot more convenient than before. We were working for Blackpool’s biggest gay nightclub the Flamingo; and a big thanks to Philip and the guys at Flamingo for having us. During the day the club held a special foam party which proved to be quite popular in-between the sunshine and showers outside. For our costumes we did a pink and white “flamingo” theme using our new air brush paint machine to paint up the boys. We also created a very camp and fluffy costume for our drag queen Cleonce who finished off the team’s visual look spectacularly as the guys walked around the festival promoting the club.

Later in the evening the party continued in the full to capacity Flamingo Nightclub. The gogo boys first did dance sets, one with singer Katherine Ellis from the Freemasons (who did a spectacular 40 minutes of singing on stage). Then to finish the night off, the trunks came off as the boys did a full strip show. It’s always a spectacular sight seeing 6 hunky studs dance naked together waving their big dicks about on stage together.

You can watch the full strip show plus all the “behind-the-scenes” back stage fun at:   

Last year Blackpool Pride festival was held on the Pier, this year it was moved into the centre of the gay village. Most people seemed to agree it was a much better location, with reports of up to 17,000 people attending. On Saturday the main stage entertained everyone with celebrities such as X-Factor's Austin Drage & Laura White. Plus may others such as: Scooch, Andy Scott Lee, Nicki French, Jo O’Meara & Hoop La La.

Then on Sunday there was a colourful parade down the sea fronts promenade “Golden Mile”. Many of Blackpool’s gay venues and business had floats or characters walking the route entertaining the many thousands of people watching and waving along the road side. It was a real shame the weather decided to drench everyone with heavy rain just as the parade started, but that didn’t stop the carnival atmosphere and enjoyment from all the people involved. A big thanks to all the volunteers and the pride committee for the fantastic Blackpool Pride weekend achieved. Roll on next year…

A quote taken from the Blackpool Pride magazine. Mark (Bunty) Seargent, the founder Chairman of Blackpool Pride:

“I would like to take this opportunity to extent the warmest and most heartfelt welcome to you as we begin, with Blackpool, another year of annual Pride festivals around the country.

It really is an amazing effort, by so many volunteers, that Pride continues to grow year on year in so many places up and down the land. Here in Blackpool we have been working on the event for some 8 months and my grateful thanks go to the dedicated people who have assisted in bringing this celebration of the LGBT Community to you.

This is indeed our fourth annual event and there have been many changes in such a short period of time. Each year we aim to raise the profile of Pride and welcome more visitors to join with us to acknowledge the special place we live in. That is why we have chosen to place Pride right in the heart of our Community in 2009. Blackpool has been much maligned over the years for many different reasons and has certainly felt the passing of time as a holiday resort, however, for one of the biggest gay communities in the country it is still a comparatively safe, fun and friendly place to live in the takes everyone at face value and embraces age and difference like no other I have experienced. This is its’ strength and why countless numbers are drawn to it year on year. The infrastructure of the Town is gradually being upgraded and I am positive that in not so many years to come it will once again flourish.

So as we come together once again over IDAHO weekend, the global campaign to combat homophobia, I say to you all:





Special thanks to Blackpool Pride and Flamingo Nightclub


Watch the full strip show

all the backstage fun and cum, only at:


Chris Geary 2010