Brighton 2001

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Brighton is best known for its coastal location on the South coast on England, just a short distance from London. On a hot sunny weekend, London boys cram the beaches, looking to top up their tan. The nudist area is a popular gay spot to `hang out`. From the main pier, follow the coastline to the East for about a mile or two and you'll find its location, in front of a large mound of pebbles. Pebbles are the main disadvantage, as they replace the golden sand found on most other beaches around England and very uncomfortable to sunbathe on.

The gay scene is thriving, as you'd expect from a city that has the highest ratio of gay people in Britain. Once a month, on the first Monday, is Brighton's largest and most popular club-night, located in Paradox, Wild Fruit. Revenge is the largest gay club in the city, also check out Envy nightclub, London club night Crash takes over the venue every other Friday and Coco Latte every Sunday night. Throughout the summer we were dancing there as the Coco Latte gogo boys.

There are many pubs, cafe bars and shops to venture around. Clone Zone has a store on St. James Street, which is the centre of the gay area. Each bar in the city has its own type of atmosphere; the Bulldog is very popular and attracts sexy rough and ready boys. The Queens Arms is friendly and full of life. Charles Street Bar is one of the busiest pre-club bars. The Candy Bar only opened last year, and has already established itself as the city's favourite lesbian venue. Brighton Rock is also a new venue and recommended for a quiet romantic cocktail or meal with your partner. The Amsterdam is not only a thriving friendly bar but also one of the best and cheapest places for accommodation. Dr Brightons is a popular bar with a pool table and friendly staff.

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