Brighton 2002

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Brighton Pride is always a great weekend away by the sea. Kicking off at 11am a colourful parade, starting on the sea front promenade winds its way up through the city, finishing at Preston Park where the festival is held. The festival is completely free, relying only on donations and charity events throughout the year to cover the £125,000 that it costs to put on. They don’t spend huge amounts on big name PA's for the main stage, instead they have old favourites like Petula Clark, Angie Brown, Coco from Fragma, and Kelly Lorena.

The park was great fun despite the heavy down pore of rain at the beginning of the day. Everywhere got very water-logged and extremely muddy under foot; however I think it helped create an even closer atmosphere amongst everyone, with many of the lesbians making it a good excuse for a mud wrestle. As soon as the rain started there was a mad rush for the dance tents, unfortunately the estimated 50,000 people that turned up couldn't all fit inside a 2,000 capacity Wild Fruit dance tent along with a few other tents from Revenge and Candy Bar, which left long queues stranded outside to brave the elements. The rain continued for a couple of hours and then there was brilliant sunshine, strong enough to give us a bit of sunburn, although I don't suppose the baby oil helped! We were working for Wild Fruit in the park, gogo dancing and handing out flyers to promote there new CD. If it's got music anything like what they played in the dance tent then I'm sure it'll be a big hit.

When the park came to a close at 8pm the bars and clubs took over, long queues soon formed with them all reaching capacity early in the night. The biggest party was Scream, run by Wild Fruit and Candy Bar at the spectacular Brighton Dome. Tickets sold out like hot cakes days in advance but it wasn't unfortunately all smooth running. People were complaining that there were long queues to get past the security checks on the way in and just as everyone had got inside there was a small fire causing the whole venue to be evacuated for a good hour. The fire-fighters sure got a roaring reception when they turned up.

Thanks to everyone who was involved with making this year’s event another great one.

Brighton Pride 2002