Brighton Pride 2003

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Gay Pride in Brighton 2003

It was one of the hottest days of the year, and the weather wasn’t bad either. Wow, what a great day. Brighton folk always seem to pull it off with spectacular style.

The day starts off on the beach promenade where the main parade starts. It then trundles off through the city to the festival at Preston Park. Official’s suggested there was anything up to 90,000 people during the day, making it bigger than London’s Pride in Hyde Park. Whether it reached this many or not it sure seemed as big and anyway it had a much better atmosphere. Everyone was just having a great day out together. Special Thanks to our sponsors Wild Fruit.

This year there wasn’t a main stage with expensive P.A.’s, which in general seems to be the trend for Gay Pride events around the country this year. Filling a stage with acts through-out the day isn’t cheap. Fee festivals in general find it difficult to make ends meet, so getting rid of the main stage is a major way to cut costs. It didn’t seem to matter either, people enjoyed the day just as much with out celebrity singers. After all Pride is there to celebrate who we are as individual people and be proud of our homosexuality.

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