BodyBuilding 2004 - Mr West Britain

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Muscle Men

The annual NABBA bodybuilding competition is held in the UK city of Exeter, just south of Bristol (England).

Big muscle guys show off there pumped up bodies for the title of “Mr West Britain”. There are 2 shows, the first one is in the morning and is closed to the public, its just for judging. Then the 2nd show in the afternoon is open for the public to view and is when the awards are given out. If you like gladiator built boys in tiny trunks its a good afternoon of entertainment.

The audience can also get quite rowdy and loud with all the shouting and support of the contestants friends and family.

In the morning when the contestants arrive the first thing they have to do is paint themselves (or get a friend to paint them) with special bronze bodybuilding tan paint. The reason they do this is because a dark skinned body shows off the muscle definition better than a pail white body.

For about 4 days before the event the contestants don't eat any carbs and on the day dehydrate themselves to the max. This helps get rid of all the excess water in the body and gives you an excellent cut and muscle definition. Some boys go too far and dehydrate so much that they collapse back-stage or worse on-stage! Its a lot of hard work and stress to time it and get it just right.

After the show the boys eat, eat and eat more. 

This was filmed in April 2004.