Circuit Festival Barcelona - August 2009

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Circuit Festival 2009

The Spanish Matinee Group famous for its parties in Barcelona, Ibiza and around the world, now organise what has become the largest International gay & lesbian event in the world. 9 days of parties, using over 30 DJ’s and entertainment that is too much to attend everything, but have fun doing as much you can. Barcelona is a beautiful city with spectacular old and new architecture, plus some fantastic gay beach’s to relax and enjoy the eye candy during the hot daytime sunshine. This amazing city along with the Circuit Festival parties makes an incredible gay week of fun that really shouldn’t be missed. More info at:

In the video above are featured 4 of our favourite things we enjoyed most. These were:

1) Mar Bella Gay Beach

During the day the main gay beach of Barcelona Mar Bella is the place to hang out, soak up the sun and check out the boys. A good 4* hotel to stay near the beach is Hotel Front Maritim.  

2) Water Park Gay Day

One of the main highlights of the festival was on Wednesday 5th August when the Isla Fantasia Water Park was closed to the public and turned gay wonderland. The water park opened at 10am filling up very quickly, some of the worlds sexiest boys, dressed just a Speedo, enjoyed the water slides, themed area’s, rides and main pool with the funky house tunes of Matinee’s best Dj’s: J.Louis, Taito Tikaro, André Vincenzzo, Enrico Arghentini and Lydia Sanz. 12 hours later the day finished with a spectacular fireworks show. Then the party continued through the night in the water park’s massive theatre complex. There were restaurants, chill areas and shower/locker rooms available to rest, change clothes and enjoy a revitalizing meal. Most boys just stayed in their trunks and danced till the sun came up, making an incredible day and night to remember. And that was just 1 of the 9 days. Wow did we have a great time, roll on next year…

3) Circuit Festival Main Event Party

The main event was on Saturday 8th with a massive Matinee party at the Olympic Basketball Stadium (Pabellon Olimpico de Badalona). DJ’s Enrico Arghentini, Chus & Ceballos; with live PA from Luca G. All this along with a massive stage production of gogo boys and naked girls made the event totally unforgettable.

4) LaLeche Gay Beach Day in Sitges

A brand new daytime party arrived to Circuit Festival, breaking new ground: On Sunday 9th, beginning at 1 pm, the most famous European fashion white party moved to L’Atlàntida Sitges, to turn Circuit’s last day into an unprecedented celebration. DJ’s included Ana Paula, Micky Friedmann, J.Louis, Enrico Arghentini, Phil Romano, Marco Da Silva and Paul Heron. La Leche! Beach Day edition @ the most legendary beach club, a private beach full of sexy boys.

More info on next years event:

Recommended Hotels

The 4* Axel Hotel is very good luxury gay hotel in the Eixample gay village. The stylish Soho Hotel and Hotel Jazz are cheaper options. For a wider selection check out these budget / mid-range and luxury hotels.



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