Salvation goes Berlin Germany - March 2010

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Salvation goes Berlin

One of London's biggest gay parties, Salvation launched in the German capital Berlin on Saturday 13th March with a full All-Star line-up. Ari the amazing aerialist from Oz, soared high above the crowds. While on stage Salvation's sexy go-go boys danced along side dazzling performances from Gran Canaries’ best drag performer Andromeda, as well as the party host herself – Princess Electra, and the bitch in heals Menor. The turnout was amazing, filling the massive venue with sexy mix of European boys, girls and those inbetween.

5 DJ's: Pier Morrocco, Oliver M, Eduardo de la Torre, Green, Taktgeber and live vocals from Tonnic.

The location was at a new venue, never before used on Berlin's gay scene. A large open-plan industrial building:

The afterhours party was at "Berghain"; wow that place has got to be seen to be believed, it was amazing. A real unique German experience, kind of a cross between London's Beyond and the film Hostal. Strange I know, but it was fun, very fun!

Special thanks to Frank Haase & Steve Elliott, we all had a great time.

Details on the next Salvation Berlin:


Chris Geary 2010