Euro Gay Ski Week 2003 - Alpe d'Huez, France

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A mass gay orgy involving straight boys isn’t something you’d necessarily expect to encounter when skiing in the French Alps.

Whether your skiing with straight mates or with a small group of gay friends your pretty much guaranteed that the evenings will be somewhat limited, trapped in a heterosexual environment, miles from anywhere, for an entire week.  It was this very problem that got Eric Crispen, the guy behind Alternative Holidays, to create a solution and so formed his own annual European Gay Ski Week back in 1997. Flying-in his own vetted entertainment and creating other fun activities for the week, he has created a popular, unique event for the gay calendar.

The sex orgy wasn’t planned, just one of the many wild things that happened during the week. One of the cute straight waiters, influenced by plenty of alcohol and someone slipping him his first ever party pill was off his head dancing on stage. He didn’t shy away when some of the boys took advantage of his state, unzipped his trousers, slid his pants down and give him a blow job, all on stage, to the amusement of others on the dance floor. As you’d expect from a group of randy gay boys one thing soon lead to another. It wasn’t long before the whole stage turned into a mass orgy, the type you’d expect to find in the hotels makeshift dark room. Other hotel staff turned a blind eye to it but there were a few red faces and much gossip the next day.

The weeks official evening entertainment came from Kajagoogoo 80’s singer Chris Limahl, artist Holly Penfield, Ibiza drag entertainer Miss Karla, and mid week a `full on` fancy dress party named “The Lucille Ball” with a Hollywood / TV star theme. It’s become quite a tradition for the regular guests of the ski holiday to put a lot of effort into their costumes, taking many weeks to make. There were superheros, drag queens, soldiers, painted people and one cheeky young lad turned up as me, wearing just a tight pair of speedos with the words “Chris Geary” printed on his back. I always thought if you have a double with someone pretending to be you, you’ve made it in life. Unfortunately I don’t think this counts somehow. It was more of a piss-take than ego boost.  He entered the costume competition and very nearly won. It did my ego no good at all, especially when someone shouted “It can’t be Chris, his dicks too big.” I’ll have to hunt this guy down someday and compare it for myself...

Another wild activity that I got involved in was a publicity photo shoot on the mountain. They weren’t your average ski pix as you see from the photos published here- five boys skiing down the mountain dressed in just speedos was certainly an unusual sight. Wolf whistling girls and straight boys shouting out French things that one cannot translate is an experience in itself. You’d think it was cold too, but luckily it was a hot sunny day and with all the baby oil we had on, it did not seem chilly, although I know our willies would tell a different story. One thing we did learn was that little lycra speedos don’t offer any protection when you fall over on the icy snow. This gives you an embarrassing wedgy and a snow filled crotch. Believe me, snow covered genitals is an unpleasant experience, and trying to empty it out while keeping one`s dignity at the same time, in front of the amused heterosexual families and their kids is pretty intimidating. Still looking back it was all good fun, and one of those things you can look back on in 40 years time… “when I was a young-un”.

Alpe d'Huez is one of the most popular ski resorts in the French Alps with its famous Mont Blanc Mountain and its longest ski run in Europe, 16kms. The weather was mainly clear sunny skies all week making the views from the top spectacular. Being high up, the oxygen in the air is noticeably thinner which makes you a bit dizzy. At least that’s what my ski buddies excuse was when we arrived at the top only to find he’d picked up the wrong skis by mistake, and had to travel all the way down again in the lift to change them. This almost wasted an entire afternoon!

The hotel I have to say was pretty dismal, Club Med accommodation is renowned for its small rooms and the 2 trident hotel rating used this year was not popular with the guests. It’s geared up for families and kids to stay.  When replaced with an over capacity crowd of grown men it does get very crammed. Still, next year the location is going to be Les Arcs with a 3 trident hotel rating, which means the standard of food and accommodation will be better. The rooms had no TV`s this year, but a techno wiz-kid rigged up a digital projector in the room and played porn videos on the wall for his chill-out parties. Who needs a TV when you can bring your own cinema? All the horny boys wanted to join in the fun.

Gay Holidays = lots of sex, and it was not in short supply during this week. There were over 400 guys from 23 different countries to choose from. A large proportion of guys on the trip were single, or at least practice a modern relationship. I talked about the hotels dark room above, and if that wasn’t enough, you could easily find a randy guy or two to play with for the night. One couple even came to celebrate their anniversary, as they met on the trip last year. 

Alternative Holidays has now stopped running ski holidays, it is now run by