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It all started off as a "gay day" in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom 11 years ago, organised by the gay and lesbian community centre of Orlando, Florida. Back then it attracted around 3,000 people. Each year sees the event grow and grow; it now draws over 100,000 gays and lesbians, and has become one of the world's largest gay events. It has become so inundated with parties and festivities that it's now not possible for one person to attend each and every event. There is no single company that runs Gay Days, it's a mixture of different events all held over the traditional first weekend of June.

Not only has it expanded into one of the largest events on the gay calendar but its also one of the most expensive, and that's just if you live in America. With the cost of an Atlantic flight on top for us English boys, prices go through the roof! With a day ticket to the park, another to the main party in the evening and another to the after hours, you're talking in excess of £130 a day and that's just to get in! However it was one of my best ever experiences and no amount of money can buy that.

Gaydays 2001 Muscle BoysParty, after party, after party, if only you could bypass the need to sleep. It all really kicks off on the Thursday evening on Paradise Island. It's an area in Downtown Disney that's full of nightclubs and bars. Each and every Thursday it's free for Disney employees to gain access and so there is a gay night held in Mannequins nightclub. Make a note of this in case you go to Disney at any other time of year because it's a weekly event!

The first of the circuit parties kicked off on the Friday night; the "Beach Ball" at Typhoon Lagoon. The Water Park is magically transformed for one night of the year into an unbelievably energetic, dynamic, and pulsating area of unparalleled extravagance. The lush, serene paradise that envelops the unique park suddenly becomes a fantasy playground for the sell-out crowd of more than five thousand swimsuit-clad revellers. Party boys packed the beach and danced to the pounding music spun by DJ David Knapp. The parks waterslides and rides stayed open throughout the night too, adding to the fun and enjoyment of the atmosphere.

Saturday was the main "gay day" held in the Magic Kingdom of Disney World. It has become a tradition to wear red to distinguish how many people came for the event, after-all the park is also open for its usual punters too. Its an idea to get there early due to the shire number of people attending as the park gets very close to capacity.

Although this is the official event of the weekend not everyone goes to it. If you're a circuit boy or party animal like myself then you'll find yourself still on the dance floor at 8am with several thousand other circuit queens dancing at the after-hours party.

There are three after-hours parties held on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights called "Magic Journeys". They tend to get busy at 3am when the main parties come to a close. Most after-hours are usually small in size but these are massive, in fact bigger that most of the large Saturday night events in London. The venue is at Arabian Nights - hall and courtyard, both an indoor and outdoor event so you can party while the sun rises.

Sexy Speedo Boy at Gaydays 2001, Orlando, FloridaAnother really important factor of the Gay Days weekend is the accommodation. There are several nominated and recommended hotels, but if your one of the muscle-mary circuit boys, you'll want to book into the Hyatt - Orlando. For the past several years a group of friends have added a unique twist on to the big weekend. It was four Gay Days ago when Brian Bottorff and Rob Iles, two friends from the local city of Tampa, came up with the idea of getting all of there friends together that were planing on attending the annual event, and booking a bunch of rooms in the same hotel. At last minute they got together a sound system and a DJ friend to spin for them. The first weekend was spent hanging out by the pool and going to a few of the various events. Everyone had the same feeling by the end of the weekend; they needed to do it again the following year...

The news of the reunion spread like a Florida wildfire. All kinds of people started showing up at the hotel to hang out and have a good time with them. This year all of the 800 rooms in the Hyatt sold out. To some people they will say Disney is there fantasy world, but for me it was the "Reunion Pool Parties". Each day the hotel's pool is transformed into a wonderland, like I've never seen before. Speedo wearing muscle boy's gather together in mass amounts, socking up the sun as they dance to the chilled-out tunes and play around in the pool together. It's a pool party that you would usually only dream about, especially if you live in Bristol! The pool water level actually dropped about three feet because there were so many boys in it all weekend!

Due to the shire popularity of the event and to keep the crowd from going over capacity, your only allowed access to the pool party if you're a registered guest at the hotel. Many security guards are employed and the use of wristbands is implemented to keep the party at a manageable level. That's why it's really important to book up at the hotel early, because if you don't have a room then you won't get access to the pool party and not surprisingly the rooms sell out fast. The party is actually a free event - to say thank you for booking at the hotel, so not only is it one of the best events of the weekend its also the biggest bargain. Here are 5 galleries of the sexy boys...

On the Saturday of the weekend MGM Studios closed early to get ready for the massive evening event held along the parks main street, Hollywood Boulevard. Its called One Mighty Party and its just that, one mighty, massive, amazing party DJ'ed by Victor Calderone. Some of the rides stay open like the frightening Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Aerosmith's Rockin' Rollercoaster which zooms you on a lightning fast limo through the hi-amp world of rock music. You go from zero to sixty in less than three seconds through twists and turns - even upside down - all set to the driving beat of Aerosmith music.

The last gay day of the weekend, Sunday, was arranged in Orlando's newest theme park Universal Studios - Islands of Adventure. The park has only been open a couple of years and cost over $1 billion to make and hired the brilliant film director Steven Spielberb as the Creative Consultant. The result is non-stop thrills and excitement throughout the five lands that make up Islands of Adventure. Some of the worlds most technologically advanced rides and attractions are found here. I'd recommend it as defiantly the best theme park there is out there. Rather than the fluffy, camp Mickey Mouse characters you get at Disney, Universal entertains you with more action packed, boys characters, like Spiderman, Captain America, the Incredible Hulk, X-men, and good old Doctor Doom. There is something really horny about muscular superheros and the colourful tight lycra costumes that they where. I can also say that the real life characters that roam the park have some nicely sized bulges in their superhero speedos, just like their cartoon equivalents! I know I'm a perv, but I wasn't the only one looking! To see a few photos from some of the theme parks click on the Spiderman icon below.

One really amazing scandal is that the sexy guy who worked as Spiderman met up with me after he'd finish his shift, took me on a load of the rides through the Staff entrance, bypassing all the queues, and then drove me back to my hotel... Talk about fantasies coming to life!

The spectacular finale of Gay Days Weekend was Mark Bakers Colosseum Party held at the Hard Rock Live Concert Coliseum on Universal Studios City Walk. You really would have to see it to believe it. 6,000 horny, sweaty, muscle boys, crammed into this massive Concert hall. Over head was a fantastic light and lazer show and an amazing sound system beat out the spectacular uplifting set spun by world famous DJ Abel. Several high quality dance acts also performed throughout the night amazing the crowd and adding to the atmosphere of the evening. It was an out of this world finale to a weekend of fantastic experiences and treasured memories.

I've tried my best to describe the Gay Days weekend but it's very difficult to find the words. The only way is to get out there and experience it for your self. You'll never forget the experience. I've only described some of the events that I personally went to, don't forget there are many more and something to suit everyone. Whether you young or old, a muscle-mary or a camp-queen you're guaranteed a good time.

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