Germany - Hamburg

The annual German Drag Queen competition in Hamburg went down a storm when it took place on 10th March. The 8 finalists of 2002 all put on fantastic shows with some amazing costumes; one even had several live snakes draped around her body. The event was hosted by the famous 2.7m high drag queen Olivia Jones. Judging the contests were some rather tasty looking guys: Marcello Barkowski (Mr.Germany 2000), Jochen Kientz (a football player from Hamburg FC), Carsten Spengemann (a famous German actor) and Dani from the pop group Mr. President.

Five German television stations also covered the event along with many newspapers and publications. The event was sold out with a mixture of gay and straight people in the audience, although the atmosphere was very much taken over by the gays.

A couple of us gogo boys and 2 drag queens from England (Winnie La Freak and Twiglett) were also flown in to add to the entertainment of the night. The winner was Irene, 24 years old born in Philippines. She works in a German transvestite show called Pulverfab. Her prize was a holiday and speanding money. I asked what she most liked about dressing up "I love dressing up for the boys. I find it amazing the number of gay men who go for another man dressed as a woman. There's a certain intrigue and mystery about it all. Gay men adore glamour, just look at Joan Collins as Alexis in Dynasty, powerful and sexy. she was every gay man's icon" she said.

The company sponsoring the event was Die Waescherei, a large gay owned department store located in Hamburg. I asked the manager of it, Michael Eck, why they had invested so much sponsorship into the event. He replied by saying: "the company does everything because it shows that we care about the gay scene, not only is it good advertising but also a lot of fun. People like our shop because we constantly do new unexpected things; we also produce now our own CD. On Saturdays we have DJ's in the shop and they are also good producers for chill out and house music".

Here are some photos from the night…


Below are some photos we did at a fashion shoot the next day.

One of them is a copy of a Versace magazine advert as I thought it was really sexy…