Gay Ibiza - Summer 2000

Ibiza is an island just of the south coast of Spain and is amongst the most popular summer holiday destinations in Europe, especially for us gay boys. This year (July 2000) was my 5th time back in almost as many years. Ibiza was my first ever gay-holiday when I was just 19 and new to it all, so is a special place. I love everything about the island... the sun, the sea and the sexy men that flock there. You can do as much or as little as you want.

Ibiza small gay beachThere are two gay beaches. The best being Chiringay on the South of the Island, a 50p bus ride from Ibiza Town. After getting off the bus it's a good 20 minutes walk through the bushes to reach it. This is good in a way as it helps to keep the straights away, making it a true gay beach. There's a really good atmosphere with a restaurant and bar, try a jug of's great!

The second beach is much smaller, located between Figaritus and Ibiza Town (pictured here). To get to it there's a small narrow pathway that winds down the side of the cliff face. It's quite an obstacle course to get to but great fun once there. There's a fantastic cave you can swim through and a large rock that's very popular to dive off. There aren't any facilities so remember to take plenty to drink.

Ibiza Old TownAnfora & Ibiza Town

Ibiza Town is the Capital of Ibiza. It also has a beautiful castle, one of the only ones that was never concord and survived undamaged in the war. The old town is also the main gay area of the island. Just near the main entrance to the castle there is a famous long, narrow street called "De La Virgen" which means "Street of the Virgin"!! Along it you'll find a massive array of gay bars, shops and restaurants thriving with sexy boys and drag queens. It's a great atmosphere, with the castle as a wonderful scenic backdrop.

"Angelo" and "Bar Dome" are two of the busiest bars, and also a good place to head around 1-1:30pm if you want to pick up some discount or even free tickets into the main clubs. Each night of the week the clubs send out their gogo dancers dressed in skimpy or flamboyant costumes to help publicize their night. The clubs don't get going until well after 2pm so there's a need for an afternoon sleep before you go out!

Anfora Ibiza gay clubSurprisingly there is only one dedicated gay club on the island. All the big clubs have there gay sections with-in them but it's Anfora that is the only true gay club. It's located up some steps just inside the main castle walls. It has a fantastic dance floor on the ground floor that resembles the Bat Cave. Upstairs it's much cruzier with several TV's showing hard-core American Porn. There's also a massive and very popular dark room. Once inside, hang onto your clothes as they'll be stripped off of you before you can say Hello Monkey!

Prices are more reasonable than the large clubs. If you get there before 2am it only costs about £3 to get in (this also includes your first drink free). After 2am it goes up to £6. Anfora is a popular pre-club club. Most people start to leave at around 3-3:30am if they are going on to one of the big clubs. Anfora closes around 7am, if you still haven't pulled then its great to go cruising up around the ramparts of the castle walls and the small plato of land outside the back of the castle.

The massive clubs seem to dominate the island, they provide some of the largest party nights in the world.

Amnesia IbizaAmnesia

Amnesia club is located just across the road from privilege in the centre of the island. It's another vast club with two main rooms. It holds various nights throughout the week but its Wednesdays and Sundays that are the big ones because they're massive foam parties. Foam parties are renowned in Ibiza for being totally wild and over the top. Unlike some clubs that have them; giving a light sprinkling of foam, these Ibiza ones are amazing. Several large foam making machines flood the dance floor until it reaches your shoulders. Every now and then there is a short sharp burst of air and water to give you the opportunity to breathe until the next batch of foams comes along. Some people take advantage of the situation feeling you up, hands wonder everywhere and clothes soon disappear, so watch your wallet your other package!

We went along on the Tuesday night, the night was called La Troya which also involved a drag queen style Mulan fashion show.

Eden IbizaEden

Eden is located it San Antonio to the East of the island. San Antonio is where all the straight people stay when they come to Ibiza. It's full of larger louts, muff munchers and is very much commercialised. Not my cup of tea. It was my first time to San Antonio in the 5 years that I've been coming to Ibiza and I have to say I glad I went there and did it but won't be going back in a hurry. First we went to "Bar M" to meet up with some friends from Galaxy and have a couple of drinks with Boy George. We then headed onto Eden where Galaxy were holding a special night.

The club had just had a massive refit, I hadn't seen it before the refit so can't really comment, but it seemed like a really good club. The sexy gogo dancers were enough for me. Later in the night Boy George was on the decks and a foam party was also planned. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to wait as we were off to Manumission.

El Divino IbizaEl Divino

El Divino is marketed as the most glamorous club in the world. It is located just the other side of the harbour in Ibiza Town. To get there you can catch a small boat that leaves every half hour. It's located on the water front with large white canapies that strech over an outside balckany area... It's great to stand out and watch the sun rise as the night turns into morning.

On a Tuesday night Miss MoneyPennys takes over the club for night of glam and gorge. Sexy gogo's dressed in white and silver parade around the bars to tempt you to come over to the club.

The clubbers that go there are mainly straight but has a very happy gay atmosphere too.

Es Paradis IbizaEs Paradis

Es Paradis is just opposite Eden in San Antonio. Because I was on holiday with one of my straight mates we arranged to go over to Es Paradis. We went on the Friday night for "Clockwork Orange" because it was publicised to be one of the best nights out on the Ibiza calendar. This may have been the case if your are straight as this club comes about as straight as you can get.

The interior decor is much different to that of the other clubs. Everything is painted white with lots of large white pillars, balconies and ivy growing everywhere.

Despite all 3 of us being totally pissed we still some how managed to blag our way in again. If I had paid the entrance fee (of about £30) to get in I would have been pretty pissed off. As I said above the atmosphere is very heterosexual and I thought lacked an atmosphere that would be expected in an Ibiza club of this size. When the bouncers started walking around asking the lads to put there tops back on, we all agreed it was time to leave! I've been told that the water party is quite good here on a Thursday night, maybe next year I'll give it another go...

Privilege IbizaPrivilege

Privilege is the largest nightclub in the world. On a Monday night it has its biggest night called Manumission. Several years ago the promoters use to have a live sex show as the main attraction of the night, this is no longer but they still heavily invested in many different circus acts, gogo dancers and strippers to entertain the some 12,000 clubbers that turn up to party each time. Not only is it the biggest club night but its also one of the most expensive costing £40 just to get in. Drinks are also day light robbery at £12 for a vodka-Red Bull and £5 for a small 30ml bottle of water! Don't think about re-filling from the taps either - it's salty. They know they've got you by the balls so they take full advantage of it. The joys of being a holidaymaker!

It was however one of the best nights out we had during the week that we were there. Somehow we managed to blag our way in and get in for free which all helped with the excitement of the night. There is a smaller back room that is the gay area. Trade was the promoter this year; they also held a separate night of their own on a Thursday night.

Space IbizaSpace

Space it one of the weirdest clubs I know. I doesn't open its doors till 7am...that's Ibiza for you! There are two main dance areas to the club. The main one is a large room dishing out hi-energy tunes to the array of lights and people who are off their faces. The other dance area is located outside under a wicker canopy. Because of its weird opening hours you do get some pritty drug fu*Ked people inside, it all adds to the atmosphere. It's also in the line of the aeroplanes landing so every few minutes a massive jumbo roars over head.

The best time to visit the club is on a Sunday daytime, it has a 24 hour session of DJ's and singers through-out the day and night. Get there for around midday if you like it busy. It's organised by "Home" a club from London's Leicester Square. Your ticket allows you to go out and back in again once, to get a quick nap or something to eat. The club doesn't have a cloakroom, so if you go back out to the car to dump your bag like I did, your fu*ked!

Chiringay Beach, Ibiza gay beachChiringay Beach

Chiringay Beach in Playa De Ses Salines is on the southern most tip of Ibiza. It's one of the most famous gay beaches in the world, set in beautiful surrounding, crystal clear sea and golden sands. The restaurant congregates everyone together with its relaxing tunes, letting you soak up the sun and view the talent on offer. Probably 95% of the people there are men and all dressed in there skimpiest, sexiest speedos, if anything at all. The bushes also play an important roll for an afternoon stroll, a spot of cruising and whatever else happens along the way.

Sa Trincha Beach

If Chiringay beach gets a bit repetitive each day, and you feel like a change of scenery...then I'd recommend Sa Trincha beach. It's very near Chiringay, on the right hand side of the car park not far from were the bus drops off. Walk Easterly up the beach front and you'll find it, it's the last beach hut. A live DJ spins out funky tunes throughout the day and there are many sexy boys soaking up the sun. It's very much a straight beach but attracts the more chilled, relaxed younger crowd rather than the larger louts and families you'll find on most of the other beaches around the island. There's also a fantastic little raised wooden walkway that leads out into the sea, with an area to dive off at the end.

Bora Bora Beach

Bora Bora Beach is in the Playa D'en Bossa area of the island not far from Ibiza Town, just across from the nightclub Space. It's a trendy beach front cafe-bar that beats out loud tunes all day and late into the evening. It attracts a young crowd of music loving, sexy boys and girls. There's a great atmosphere that lasts well into the evening. If you like to dance till the sun sets...then this is the place to go. OK its mainly straight but there doesn't seem to be much attitude, with everyone pretty relaxed and chilled. Its right in the line of the airport so you get low flying planes roaring by every few minutes (another can of fresh meat!).

Formentera Boat Trip

If you fancy a change from the Ibiza Beaches then you can jump on a boat which leaves every hour from the Ibiza Town harbour (just opposite Burger King) and spend a day on the island of Formentera. I think there is a gay beach over there as well. We forgot to ask where it was before leaving. Once there we asked a local taxi driver to take us to the gay beach ...but ended up on a straight beach full of Germans (says alot for them!). It was good fun, even if the talent was scarce. The last boat goes back at 8:30pm, make sure you catch it other wise you'll be stranded on the island for the night.