Madrid Euro Pride - Saturday 30th June 2007

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Euro Pride in Madrid

After last year’s massive Euro Pride in London, the 2007 host city was chosen to be the Spanish capital Madrid. The overall festival became the biggest ever EuroPride with a turnout of around 2.5 million people. Also part of the cities Euro Pride program was a large sports competition, the Sun Games. Madrid was chosen for this year's EuroPride in recognition of the pro-gay reforms introduced by the government. In 2005, the Parliament approved a host of pro-gay measures capped by the legalization of same-sex marriage as well as the right of same-sex couples to adopt children.

The main parade started at 6pm on Saturday 30th June and carried on late into the night. Most English or American parades keep spectators behind barriers, this one was just one big party, slowly moving along the parade route at snails pace. It was very similar to Sao Paulo Pride in Brazil. Big sound trucks lashed out the music and everyone just partied around them as they slowing rolled down the street.

Madrid’s gay area is located around the Chueca Underground/Tube Station. A lot of good shops and bar’s around the streets called Hortaleza and Pelaya.

A good hotel near Chueca is the 4* Lusso Infantas. Room Mate Óscar is a cheaper option and right next to Plaza de Chueca. For more hotels check out these budget / mid-range and luxury options.

Keep a note in your diary for the next annual Euro Pride:

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