WE Festival - Madrid Pride 2014

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WE Festival - Madrid Pride 2014

The worlds largest gay party brand WE holds events across the globe. Each party has a unique theme with colorfully bright, cheeky, sexual visuals, custom made costumes, the sexist dancers and the best funky house DJ's.

A big step for WE Party has been the creation of its own festivals in its home city Madrid. There is this summer festival during Madrid Pride and its New Year Festival. The events are designed to bring in international visitors from around the world. In stead of just a weekend of parties they give you 5 days of them, plus the daytime pool parties are of course a popular addition to the schedule. WE have also helped break down the language barrier by advertising and proving info in English, making it much easier for its international visitors to attend.

Madrid Pride was already recognized as one of the best in Europe, and now the event has been supersized into WE Festival.

The 5 days of 7 parties consisted of:

1) Beyond (London) Welcome Party

2) PAPA the Sailor Man

3) WE Pool Party followed by Matinee's La Leche!

 4) Pride Parade followed by WE Love Boat (main event party)

5) Banana Pool Party followed by WE Sex Shop Party

 We had a great time filming the event. It was very well organised, great music, hot boys and of course the Spanish sunshine.

For more info log onto: www.WePartyFestival.com

or WE Parties around the world: www.WePartyOnTour.com


WE Festival - Madrid Pride 2014