Miami White Party Week - November 2001

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Miami White Party Week 2001

Miami’s South Beach (known as "SoBe" for short) is where some of the worlds most tanned and toned boys congregate and where perfectly defined bodies are virtually everywhere you look. "Muscle Beach" is known as the main gay area on the long 2-mile South Beach strip, between 12th and 13th street on Ocean Drive. It's easily spotted by the pink volleyball nets and gorgeous muscle-bound men, walking hand in hand. The Sand is white and the sea crystal clear.

The beach starts to get busy around midday-ish. Sun lounges and umbrella are available for hire. Muscle Beach is a posers paradise and a place to show off your bodily assets (or at least watch others doing it!) in your best designer Speedo's. It's full of glancing eyes and complimentary smiles in the way that only American boys can give.

If this is all to much and you become desperate to see some cock in the flesh then there is a nudist beach further on up the coast. It takes about 20 minutes on the local "S bus", get off on 79th street, Sunny Isles. It's not overly impressive but very gay and attracts the older, less attractive people. It's worth checking out for one day of your stay, just for a change of scenery and to tan that white bum. If you look hard however there are a few cute straight boys with their girl friends to keep you stimulated!

At about 5 o'clock-ish Muscle Beach starts to wind down and the Palace opposite becomes a popular haunt for a post beach snack. It's this sort of time that the local gym Crunch (on Washington Avenue) or Golds Gym (1617 S W 107th Avenue) gets most busy. They are well worth attending even if its just to perv on all the lavish, pumped, sweaty men excelling there bodies in there sexy gym gear.

From 9 o'clock onwards Ocean Drive gets very busy as it's the place to dine before you hit the clubs. A very popular mixed/gay restaurant is News Cafe near 9th street. You'll find it very atmospheric in the evenings to sit outside with your meal, watching the world go by. It’s quite a tradition on this street for the Miami boys to cruise up and down, showing off their flashy vehicles and pumping out the music. It's also a popular haunt for the rollerbladers to whiz up and down.

November's White Party marks the end of the summer season in Miami, with the Winter Party in March celebrating the end of Winter / start of Spring. It’s also the same time as America’s wild Spring Break, so lots of horny young students about! If you can't visit Miami's South Beach during either of these amazing events you'll still be guaranteed at great time from the scene life that exists there throughout the year. One of the busiest and best bar/club throughout the week is Score on Lincon Road, attracting the younger sexy boys. Music varies between nights and there's always good entertainment - singers, strippers, Latino nights, go-go's and even drag queen wresting! Five bars on two levels make up the venue that offers free entry 7 nights a week - till 5am. Weekends get very crowded, Sunday's kick off earlier than usual with an afternoon "T-dance" from 5 o'clock. Drinks are reasonable and service always with a smile from those barmen with bodies like temples.

A seedier, cruisy club open 7 nights is Twist on Washington Avenue (10th Street). Down stairs are several horny video bars and a games room, while upstairs holds a small dance area and quieter lounge. It attracts an older crowd and kicks off later into the night being more of a pick-up joint if you didn't pull at Score earlier!

The Big one of the week has to be Salvation (Saturdays). A large 3,000 capacity converted warehouse further out of the gay district on West Avenue. Hard house and garage shake this club in every corner creating an immense atmosphere. Looking down from the top floor you'll see a sea of muscle and flesh like you've nether seen before, everybody getting sexual together. It's just a fantastic venue, getting busy around midnight going right through till 5am and costs a reasonable $15 (£10).

If you fancy a change of scenery then check out Fort Lauderdale. It's a large town about an hour north of Miami on the "Greyhound Bus" and home to another large selection of shops, pubs and clubs. Nights tend to finish earlier than Miami at 2 am.

A bit further a-field but still close to Miami and worth paying a visit is Key West also well known for its large gay community. Where ever you decide to go you'll find Americans very friendly to us English (either because of our accents or just the fact that we have foreskin's) and always helpful for advise on the gay scene. Alternatively once you get to a gay venue, you can usually pick up a copy of "David", "Contax" or "Scoop" which are the Miami versions of Boyz, Pink Paper and Now Magazine. These along with the flyers on the beach they are great guides to what's going on in the week.

Here are some Miami web sights worth checking out :-

Accommodation varies but basically what you pay is what you get. Here are a few good hotels:-

The Penguin / President, Island House, Jefferson House, Brigham Gardens Hotel, Delano Hotel, South Beach Gay B&B & Crest


Here are some small video clips:

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