Miami Winter Party Week - March 2004

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Miami Winter Party Week 2004

Winter Party in March, White Party in November and New Year are the 3 busiest times on the Miami gay calendar. If you’re a circuit/party boy, or like it busy on the beach, these are the most popular times to visit Miami’s famous South Beach (Sobe).

Thousands of sexy boys travelled into Sobe for this year’s annual Winter Party. Click Here for pdf Map of Miami’s gay scene.

You can buy the official Winter Party CD featuring songs like “You are so Beautiful” & “Let the Sun Shine In” at

It’s amazing to think the annual Winter Party has been going for 11 years now. In that time it’s raised almost $1 million for the Gay & Lesbian Foundation of South Florida (GLFSF). The Winter Party has become one of the largest and most successful dance party fundraisers in the world.

Unfortunately the foundation had been in a state of controversy over the past few years, which along with a down turned US economy, and less people travelling since Sept 11th has meant falling attendances. That is until this year when turnout increase dramatically. This time last year David Phelps was made the new executive director of GLFSF. He’s done a grand job of reshaping the organisation back to its original gay charity fundraising, not-for-profit cause. People who know him will tell you he’s a very likable and easy to get on with character. This is echoed through his previous jobs doing political campaigns and technology PR in Washington and LA.

The main event of Winter Party week is the Winter Party itself. A beach party where 5,000 scantily clad buff bodies dance to the beat of the music on Miami’s Sex-tac-u-lar South Beach. DJ Tony Moran did a great job; you can buy his special Winter Party CD via . The other big outside party was the day before, throughout the Saturday afternoon - the Pool Party. Outside parties are always special and these two were just that.

At night Space, Crowbar and Maze where the three venues to host spectacular large parties as well as after-hours/morning parties. Maze (formally known at Salvation) was the location for the Winter Party Weeks closing party and also the venue itself as its being turned into an Office Depot. It’ll be missed a lot as it’s been Sobe’s main large gay club for many years. Warsaw, another previous gay club, has also been bought out and is now a Deli. It’s a shame that times have changed, many of the locals say that Miami’s gay scene has finished, all dried up.

Fort Lauderdale (a city an hours drive up the coast from Miami) is the new place to party. Apparently it’s only the Winter and White party events that are keeping the scene going in Miami. Whether this is true or not; or just a short term spate of venue closures, to make room for the new generation; only time will tell. One thing is for sure, the spectacular art décor splendor that is Miami and the hot Florida weather isn’t going anywhere!

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Don’t forget you can buy the official Winter Party CD at