Turkey - Alternative Holidays 2006

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Strip Show

Club Med Bodrum - Turkey

The classic three ‘S’ words “sun, sea & sex” are what most people look for when venturing on a summer holiday. This year’s annual Alternative Holidays summer event delivered just that and much more.

Turkey might not sound the first country you’d visit for a gay holiday, how we were wrong. Alternative Holidays took over the luxury four-star, Bodrum Club Med Resort and turned it into an all-inclusive Gay Paradise for one week last September. Not needing any money throughout the holiday or even a big bill at the end of it added to the whole holiday enjoyment. About 300 boys all enjoyed an amazing, very unique time on Turkey’s Aegean Coast

During the day you could do many sports such as sailing, wind-surfing, tennis, archery, volleyball and scuba diving. Hunky instructors were on hand to teach you the skills if needed. However just donning your speedo and relaxing around the pool, or down on the private beach, was by far the most popular activity. Day trips to local attractions such as the beautiful ancient city of Ephesus added to the “Turkish Delight”.

Extra activities such as a foam party, oil wrestling, booze cruse, masquerade ball and even a fun water polo match against the resorts staff added to the entertainment extravaganza of the week.  

At night a wild variety of international DJ’s, European cabaret artists and intoxicated party boys all made the entertainment non stop till breakfast. The sauna and Turkish baths also made popular dark rooms (apparently) for a late night rummage.

I’ve been lucky enough to be on many vacations, but this one really does knock the nail on the head. Next year’s event is being held in Italy from September 24th – 1st October. Although it’s at the end of the summer season, it’s a week you should put in your diary and do. I’d highly recommend it. For more info on next year’s event in Italy log onto www.Alternative-Holidays.eu

Baywatch Strip Show

Our Baywatch Strip Show was our 7th porn party stage show, what a great location to have it. The stage was an outdoor amphitheater overlooking the Aegean Sea. We decided to have a Baywatch theme to the show, Erick and I dragged up as Pamela Anderson, the 6 boys just wore skimpy speedos. If you thought seeing me in drag was bad enough, how about me attempting to sing in drag. It was bad, very bad, unimaginably bad. The people that have seen this web site could see the comedy side of it, for the people that didn’t know who Chris Geary was, must have wondered what on earth was going on.

Cliff editor of QX magazine had great delight in telling me I looked like “Miss Piggy on steroids” LOL. Stewart Who said he loved the show for its “sheer audacity, wrongness and gob-smacking shock value”. One thing is for sure, I really know how to make a dick of myself in the name of entertainment.

After the singing we stripped the speedos off the boys and got them to do silly tacks in the buff with some audience participation. 6 buff naked boys all swinging there big dicks around on stage together is quite a spectacle. Having 2 straight brothers, Stevie and Lee, also added to the perverted sex appeal. We even gave my good friend DJ Paul Heron the birthday bumps. You can watch the full video of the show, plus the “tie-off” rehearsals and all the back stage action on www.HornyModelBoys.com

Special thanks to all the boys:

Stevie, Lee, Dan, Nico, Josh, Gareth, Erick and the beautiful Ericka

Baywatch Strip Show Boys - Porn Party 7

Watch all the fun and backstage cum at: www.HornyModelBoys.com