4 Man Strip Show 

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Muscle Men Strip Show

This was a fun night as we performed a 4 man strip show in Hull, a city in East Yorkshire (North England), near Leeds.

6 of us went up, the 4 strippers (Alex, BamBam, Mecks and Tyson), plus Erick and myself. Its quite a long way from London, I think it took us almost 4 hours on the train. We checked into the hotel and ending up doing some wrestling on the bed. 

The club was a short walk away, and gave us the opportunity to see some of the city, as it was everyone's first time.

Its only a small city . The city is unique in the UK in having had a municipally-owned telephone system, sporting cream, not red telephone boxes. Its also famous for being a market town, military supply port, trading hub, fishing centre, and industrial metropolis. From what we sort of the city it was very nice.

It was a Friday night after a bank holiday weekend so we weren't expecting it to be very busy, however it did fill out nicely with friendly boys and girls, plus the resident drag queens were much fun. One even dipped one of the strippers dicks into her drink during one of the shows.

You can watch the full show show and all the backstage preparation, fun and cum at: www.HornyModelBoys.com


Chris Geary 2010