Mr Gay UK 2003 - London

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Mr Gay UK 2003 - London

The Mr Gay UK tour bus rolled into the big smoke last week for the London heat of the competition. Heaven was the venue with Popcorn’s “Big Gay Al” hosting the contest on Bank Holiday Monday (May 5th 2003). That sharp nappy tong of his sure made the boys stand to attention and put them in their place as he quizzed them with some very personal questions. 17 hunky boys in total, all stripped to their white Kelvin’s and took to the stage. The winner was sexy Jarrod Batchelor, a 23 year old table tennis champion from the Isle of Wight. His gorgeous model looks and sexy bod made him the clear winner. I think his ping pong skills must have helped too because I’ve heard Big Al has a bit of a fetish for that. Jarrod told us “I’m truly chuffed about winning and really looking forward to the final, representing London is a real honour.” Second place went to Martin Sarrionandia, 23, from Uxbridge, London. Third place was awarded my Brazilian friend Rafa who is 20 years old.

In June there’ll be a semi final, short listing 15 of the boys who will then go through to the grand final in August, held at the London nightclub G.A.Y.. One of the events main sponsors, Gaydar Radio, is also set to hold interviews with the contestants, viewable via a live web cam. People will be invited to phone in questions for them and if they get them wrong they’ll have to remove an item on clothing. Something tells me these questions aren’t going to be easy ones!  

Secret inside information from the MGUK HQ says the London heat winner, Jarrod, has a good chance of going all the way to the top. Being a role model for us homosexuals must be a pretty hard job, it’s a diverse world out there, let’s hope he does well and best of luck to him.

If you missed the parade of bulging briefs, don’t worry, it’s set to get even raunchier next Bank Holiday Monday (26th May) when Popcorn has its 1st annual wet Y-fronts competition and pool party. Miss Dusty ‘O’ and her tribe of Drag Queens will be stripping the boys to their pants and dunking them in the Heaven pool for a wash. Let’s hope the pants are made out of white cotton coz we all know what happens to that when it gets wet! Log onto for details.

Further info on the Mr Gay UK competition, photos of the other heat winners, log onto: