Salvation London 2003

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Salvation London  - Parties of 2003

The only place to be for stunning boys, extravagant décor and the only DJ's in the city to make every tune played a gold disc. Running from 5pm till midnight, Café De Paris again provided a suitable location to get you feeling like a million dollars at only a fraction of the cost. Hosted by golden boy La Bella Gesus, every Tom, Harry and Dick Whittington was walking the London Streets - paved with gold of course, to the ONLY party in town. The Salvation DJs were giving it every last ounce they had, while German drag hosts Cyber Sissy and Baby Jane kept everyone entertained with some precious verbal gems. There was a live percussion from Sandy, and a special PA from Beatrout featuring Annabelle and enough golden eye candy to get us boys with our golden guns shooting indiscriminately.

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Steve Elliott and Alex Erfan are promotors behind Salvation, I interviewed Alex for an article in QX magaizine:

Chris: With large gay cities in the UK such as Edinburgh, Manchester and Birmingham, why did you feel you wanted/needed the extra hassle of taking Salvation abroad and around Europe?

Alex: Europe and America are very big markets for London clubs right now.  You have Trade and Crash doing monthly parties in Europe and the States now.  We just get a lot more requests for Salvation in Europe than we do here in England. I suppose part of that has to do with the fact that London isn't really that hard to get to from Manchester or Birmingham and if those people want to experience Salvation, they'd rather come to London to do it. 

When we do our Salvation events abroad, we've realised that the secret for a successful event is to get the local club promoters and nightlife movers and shakers involved.  No one knows their markets better than they do and for us to come into a city and attempt to understand the market and try to throw a successful event isn't a good business idea.  You'll have a less than perfect night, you'll be upsetting the local promoters who have been working so hard to succeed and the night will probably be a loss.  So, we'd rather get the locals involved because they can really help make the night a success.  Then, we can all enjoy the benefits and can return every month to a packed house. I think our business approach has been working. In just 4 short years, we've held events all over the world in a dozen cities and the demand continues to grow.  Now, we've got America nipping at our heels.  We did a party in San Francisco at Universe and the night went down a huge success.  I think our business approach has a lot to do with this as we let the clubs decided how best to promote the event.  We just supply the branding and our own DJs.  The music also has a lot to do with it.  The funky, tribal sound we push is gaining popularity all over the world.  Plus, we have DJs like Luke Hope and Jamie J Sanchez pushing the new west coast house sound that's getting really popular.  And having Gonzalo and David Jimenez on our team has also helped a lot.  Plus, young talent like Per QX and veterans like Stephka and Pier Morrocco have helped us to meet demands for our international parties.  And they are all such talented guys to have working for you.

Chris: Has expanding into Europe been made easier for you to do by the introduction of the euro as well as these cheap flight deals you can pick up on the discount airlines?

Alex: Flights are cheap, so it's more cost effective for us to do more parties, more often.  Plus, having the Euro has really helped to make things easier for everyone involved.  We chose the current list of cities mainly because there was an interest by the local club scene to host Salvation events.  We don't want to be a club which only throws parties in the most high profile cities and forgets the smaller, less popular cities.  We're not about having a better-than-thou attitude.  We just want to throw fabulous parties, play good music and have fun doing it whether it's for 300 people or 3000 people. Plus, there are gay people in every city that want to experience a bit of the London club scene.  It's also smart because if we throw a party in Bulgaria for instance, those same people will eventually come to London for a holiday and will be looking for somewhere to go.  If they've already been to one of our events in their home town, which party do you think they'll go to when they are in London?  If you come to Salvation here in London, you'll meet people from almost every city imaginable. 

Chris: A fashion capital like Milan must be bursting with sexy bum-boys, why do you think the gay scene there is so crap, and large club promoters like yourself haven't expanded into the city sooner?

Alex: Well, we are starting to do parties in Milan.  And I can't comment on the gay scene there because I'm not intimately involved in that scene.  My thinking is that if people in Milan or that area want to experience a quality night of music, they probably head to other cities where the scene is bigger.  We want to help change that by slowly emerging ourselves in the local scene and see if we can help to make the nightlife a bit more vibrant.

Chris: Salvation in Amsterdam is clearly the city's largest monthly gay party at the moment, and it's held on a Friday night. Does this mean London could also have enough demand for a large monthly Friday nighter?

Alex: With any night of the week, it really depends on a lot of factors that make a night a success.  There's no one reason, but there is always a demand for a club on every night.  The trick is trying to capture that demand and channel it in a way that makes people want to come out.  Do we have anything new up our sleeves?  Hell YES!  We've taken over the spectacular Mass club in Brixton for a monthly Saturday night event called Mission, it's going to be launched on May 11th (2002) so make sure you come down and check it out.

Chris: You've got some fantastic DJ's like Gonzalo and Luke Hope. Tell me what you like about them best and whether it's ever hard to get them to fly out to all these international locations. In May alone you've got 12 events lined up. It must be a novelty at first but after a while do they become less willing to travel these long distances?

Alex: Yes, we do have a great team of DJs.  It's important for me that we all share a common vision and that we all get along and work together.  I don't have room for big headed DJs with attitude.  That's not what Salvation is about. I really take my time when choosing DJs and it takes a while for a DJ to win me over.  They have to be technically smooth at their mixing, they have to be consistent and they have to have their own sound that doesn't sound like anybody else's.  I'm really into pushing new sounds and I look for DJs who do as well.  Luke is really into pushing good quality west coast house and Jamie J Sanchez from Universe has brought an American flavour to our clubs.  Gonzalo - well, what can you say about him - he's amazing.  Per QX is a sweet heart and caters to the more commercial funky house sound, David Jimenez represents the tougher side of Salvation with his tech house and tribal sounds.  And Stephka and Pier Morrocco are playing uplifting house sounds.  So, we have a lot of ground covered and have a DJ line-up that caters for different tastes.

As for getting them to play around the world, they have all been very excited about it.  We all want Salvation to succeed and become an international hit and they realise they have to work hard too.  I would say that it's hard for them or any of us at Salvation, to hold down a healthy relationship.  In May alone, we have 12 events scheduled and each of our DJs will be playing somewhere out of London. Not only is there the travelling involved, but the planning takes months.

Chris: You had a Salvation tent at the London Mardi Gras festival last year, which was one of the most popular, are you doing one again this year as well as the Purple in the Park event?

Alex: We'll have a massive tent at the Purple in the Park festival on June 1st.  We're very excited to get involved with this because Purple is behind it and they are an organisation devoted to music.  Plus, it's only natural that we are there because we have our own show on Purple Radio hosted by Luke Hope and Jamie J Sanchez on Thursday nights.  I wouldn't say that Purple in the Park is going to affect Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras is a bit different - it's more of a gay pride festival focused on gay and lesbians and issues concerning the gay community.  Purple in the Park is focused on music.  I think both events will be huge successes.  As for hosting a tent; we mostly do it for publicity and because we want to help contribute to a successful event.  If Salvation's presence at an event like this will help to make the event more fun, then we're there.

Chris: What are your opinions on radio stations such as Purple and Gaydar that are only available via the internet, satellite and digital radio?  How did you get involved with Purple and what feed back do you get from having your own show?

Alex: I really believe in the internet revolution and how it has helped move the music industry along - especially the dance music industry.  Unfortunately, every time someone has attempted to start a gay FM radio station, it's always failed.  You need a bigger market if you want an FM station to succeed.  The internet has given groups like Purple Radio and Click and Groove in Hollywood an avenue to push their music.  It's slowly introduced the organisations into the market and has therefore been working on improving their listener base without having to deal with the massive costs of running an FM station. These things take time…but maybe someday when digital radio has taken over, you'll be able to turn it on in your car and hear Jamie and Luke carrying on their crazy antics as they DJ. 

Our show on Purple has been wonderful.  I've been told it's one of the more popular shows.  That's probably because Luke and Jamie are so hilarious and are such good DJs.  They don't take themselves too seriously and are doing what they love.  They are also very good friends and I think that comes through on their shows.  They travel the world together, produce records together and do the show together.  So, they naturally work well with each other.  Their show airs every Thursday night from 9 to 11 and features an unreleased pick of the week, celebrity DJ interviews, gossip, club news and live sets from their many international gigs.

Chris: What makes Salvation such a hit with all the gym buffs and those all so familiar torsos in the centre pages of QX?

Alex: I'm not sure why, but we happened to tap into a vibe that attracts all the beautiful boys.  But, it's not all gym boys.  We welcome everyone regardless of the size of their pecks as long as they smile and have fun and leave the attitude at the door.  I think we promoted the club as an American style circuit event.  This helped to bring out the big boys.  A lot of our crowd have weekly jobs and take care of themselves and an early night at Salvation once a month fits into their party schedule perfectly.  They have to be up Monday mornings and want to be home at a decent hour.  So, they come to our tea dance and are home by midnight having had an excellent time. For those that crave a Saturday night club, we now have Mission.

Chris: You must have to be picky to who you let in the door, what's your policy with the straights and who you let into the club?

Alex: Basically, everyone knows by now what to expect when they come through our doors.  It's funny, though, to watch all the tourists at Leicester Square walk by and look at the cue.  I think they realise what type of club it is by the cue.   We let anyone in as long as they are there to party, dance and have fun.  With Anthony at the door handling the guest list, he's our first representative and welcomes everyone in with a smile…usually…except when he has to deal with rude people.  He has a stressful job dealing with the guest list, but he's brilliant at it.  Next is our host, Gesus.  He's outrageous and always smiling and gives a hint of what's in store as you enter the room and see the famous chandelier.  Gesus basically wonders around making sure everyone is having fun.  Our events have now become ticketed only because we are now over capacity and it helps to make sure that all the die-hard Salvation fans get in and those that aren't there to have fun don't get in. It helps to better control the size of the crowds and we know each night what to expect. 

Chris: So which is your most recommended party outside of London for us circuit boys to go to?

Alex: For our international events... Amsterdam has really been the big hit. It's now the biggest gay party in Amsterdam and draws a few thousand people every first Friday, our DJs and music policy has really gone down well. Athens is in its third month and has been great fun.  It's not the biggest venue, but the first Salvation drew about 600 and we'll continue organizing monthly nights. Paris is always fun. Our music goes over well there and the French boys know about Salvation from London.  It's a crazy night.  Check out our website for upcoming dates, phone EasyJet, book a cheap flight and come party with us for the weekend

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