Xmas Lovechild - December 2009

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Xmas Hunks - with and without the trunks

Love is lovelier….second time round. After a massive sexed up re-launch party @ London's Fire nightclub last month, Lovechild returned to the infamous Vauxhall venue for another even busier December Xmas party. The monthly club night (every 2nd Saturday) is known as one of London's raunchiest nights. The boys were back for another bout of buffed up, supercharged performances and porn-star studded dalliances in its "Contact Room". While the Princess of Sex Svetlana Queen supervised the dark room, making sure all the bad boys who ventured in there got what they wanted. Apparently she was even handing out golden ticket wrist bands to the sexy A-list boys, for a "special invite only" session.

The Lovechild Resident DJs Mattias, Phil Hewson, Gabriele Cutrano, Lee Harris and Craig Daniels were joined by Tony English of Push FM fame and Saki who is surprising many clubbers with his driving, German influenced progressive sets. From sexy, dirty progressive house in the Contact Room, to deep but uplifting floor stompers in the Main Room via more loved up classy house in the Love Lounge, the LoveChild DJ's were ripping up the dance floors with bells on.

Lovechild web site: www.AlexErfan.com

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