Juicy - Army Bootcamp - January 2009

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Juicy - Army Bootcamp @ Fire nightclub, London

This was the first time we'd been to Juicy in almost 2 years, wow what a great night it was. It had an "Army Bootcamp" theme, so Andrew Harris (the promoter) asked us to provide 4 hunky army gogo boys. They looked fantastic in their camouflage gear and put on some great performances. The body paint got everywhere and unfortunately the club doesn't have a shower, so the poor boys had to go home as army boys too. I wasn't expecting the night to be very busy as it was the 16th January (just 2 weeks after the New Year), but it was rammed. The music was the best pumping house music in town from DJ's DJohnny, HiFi Sean, Rob Sykes, Gonzalo Rivas, David Jimenez and Steven Artis, that had the clubbers with their hands in the air all night... plus a camouflage Maze for some horny fun. 

Juicy is held every 3rd Saturday of the month @ Fire. The next is Saturday 20th February 2010, which is also Juicy's 3rd birthday special! Be there, it'll be fun. Here's some photos from the Army Bootcamp....


For more info on Juicy and Fire nightclub, log onto:

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