Pervert Gold London - January 2010

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Pervert Gold

Milan's most outrageous, stylish and talked about party came to London for the first time taking over Fire nightclub in Vauxhall.

Pervert has been one of the most popular parties in Milan for over 15 years. The combination of cutting edge progressive dance music policy and the infamously elaborate stage shows have made Pervert a household name all over Italy in gay as well as straight scene. Christian and Ivan, the creators of the brand, combine outrageous stage shows that have more than a hint of secret sexual fantasies with opulent costumes and décor, culminating in the most scintillating visual feast that would not be out of place in a theatre or a fashion show.  It is absolutely unmissable in Milan and even more so in London.

The main room at Fire was re-configured to make room for a small stage so we could produce a show similar to that of Milan. Unfortunately the stage wasn't anyway near as big as we had hoped, or high enough for people at the back of the room to see. But we've been promised a much bigger new high stage for the next party in March. Fingers Crossed!!

DJs included: Obi Baby, Pagano, Gonzalo, Luigi Rosi, Alessandro Londra, Brent Nicholls, Gepy & Jc Christopher.

Pervert Graphics: Andrew Harris

Check out dates for the next Pervert London at:, or


Chris Geary 2010