Pride London July 2010

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Gay Christmas - A Great Day Out in Central London

Pride London on Saturday 3rd July was yet another spectacularly hot, sunny day, full of colour and fun. The parade for us is the best part of the day, filming and photographing the amazing diversity of people and their costumes is always a blast. It started on Baker Street (near Selfridges) at 1pm, the route then went along the busy shopping area of Oxford Street, Regent Street and down to Piccadilly Circus, then finishing in Trafalgar Square. 

This year Pride London celebrated 40 years of the Gay Liberation Front. The GLF was a revolutionary group of radical queens, hippies, students and activists who brought LGBT rights out in to the open. Famous for their street theatre, radical drag, kiss-ins and organising the first Pride March the GLF lived in communes all over London.

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Chris Geary 2010