White Birthday Summer Party August 2010

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34 years old - White Birthday Party 2010

Every couple of years we have a summer party in my apartment and roof garden. This year it was the same time as my birthday so we killed two birds with the same stone. We went for a white theme asking all our friends to wear white.

That same day I was also playing rugby league, it was the biggest games of the season, the Grand Final of the Rugby League Conference London and South East England regional. We were playing away against Guildford Giants, about 1 hour from central London, so it was a little rush to get back after the game. It was a hard, close match but we won. A fantastic team achievement and an experience that I'll remember for a long time. My team has all put in a lot of hours training and playing hard for this fantastic result "Champions of London and the South East of England". When I got back home at 5pm the party was already underway. Greeted with a sea of white and friendly faces, I grabbed a cider and delved into the party. A couple of hours later the whole team turned up making a great end to a fantastic day. My rugby club is a great squad, they all know I'm gay and its great knowing I have some fantastic friends who don't care about the gay side of my life. Thanks boys.

Although the weather started with rain, it wasn't long before the sun came out for the BBQ and just in time for the show at 6pm. My boyfriend Erick booked a secret surprise act who even I didn't know who it was until she came out on stage. Kandi Kane is one of my favorite performers, so funny, full of energy and wicked wittiness, always going way beyond the line. No one is safe when this bitch is about! She did a great job - thank you Kandi!

Thanks to everyone who came and a big special thanks to my boyfriend Erick, Cleo, Charlie, DJ Andrew Sweet, DJ Alessandro Londra, Fabio, Alex, Marie, Dolores, Cora, Glen, Marcus,  Mateus, Snakeman Clem and photographer Ana Gomes.

I love you Erick. x


Chris Geary 2010