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Raising funds and awareness via sports

In preparation for the London 2012 Olympics, London held a couple of fun sports day events...

1) RVT Sports Day in Vauxhall - 29th August 2011 (Summer Bank Holiday Monday), raising money for GMFA

2) Soho Pink Sunday Drag Race - 18th September 2011, raising money for the Albert Kennedy Trust


Around 2000 gays gathered in the Vauxhall park to show the world what a sports day should be like. The annual charity sports day is organized by the Royal Vauxhall Tavern (RVT) to raise money and awareness of Gay Men Fighting Aids (GMFA).

The event was hosted by Timberlina the glamorous bearded drag lady entrepreneur and her famous annoying megaphone. Sports included: Egg & spoon race, Tug of War, Space Hopper Relay, 50m mince, Sack race, Drag relay and a Handbag throw. 17 teams competed, with The Misfits crowned winners.  The Flying Fingernails were named top fundraisers thanks to their £1,900 sponsorship, whilst the Flob-a-Dobs won best costume for their Bill & Ben Flower Pot Men inspired outfits.

Gay rugby star Gareth Thomas gave his support to this year's event, donating a Welsh training top, a pair of Welsh Rugby shorts and a Crusaders polo shirt, all worn and signed by the man himself. Then to finish the day off the genius of The D. E. Experience (aka Jonathan Hellyer) took to the RVT stage.

Matthew Hodson, from GMFA said "Many thanks to everyone for making the day such a huge success. We had more teams than ever before and they all made a huge effort, both with their outfits and their amazing fundraising efforts. In 2012 we'll be competing with some other major sporting event, and so we promise that our Sports Day is going to be even bigger and more spectacular."

The event raised lots of money for GMFA to continue its fight against HIV in the gay men's community. Money raised through this year's event will fund GMFA's Count Me In campaign, which calls on all members of the gay community to play their part in stopping the spread of HIV. You can find out more at:


The drag race on Soho's Pink Sunday was won by Danni Dee Queen, second place went to Portia de Fosse. Money raised from this event went to the Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT). AKT support several hundred young people every year who have experienced domestic violence or have been ejected from home just for being brave enough to come out as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Trans to their parents or care giver. Find out more at:

We caught up with Danni Dee Queen after the race and asked her if it was an easy win, and did she do any pre-race training?

"Well I only saw the route 2 minutes before the race started but it wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to be, but with my long legs it wasn't too much of a struggle! Just need to pack in the smoking! I did no training for the race what so ever! Although I guess being a professional dancer gave me an advantage with fitness and stamina."

 How long have you been doing drag and how did you get into it?

"I did drag once when I was 17 then didn't get into it until I worked at the world renowned "Funny Girls" in Blackpool as a male dancer for 2 years and then moved to London and was with a well known drag troupe for a while.... Then set up the Danni Dee Show which now has a big fan base surprisingly and has been running just over a year at lots of venues.... And our biggest gigs to date was for Alexandra burkes birthday party last year at Kensington Roof Gardens and performing at the London Palladium!".

Where can we see you perform next?

"You can see The Danni Dee Show with me Miss Danni Dee, her sexy boys and hostess Portia De Fosse (who came 2nd in the race) perform regularly at Freedom Bar in Soho, London."

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