Trade 21st Birthday - Saturday 29th October 2011

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Halloween - A Journey to the Dark Side

It was our first time at London's new superclub Pulse. Trade is normally known for its legendary afterhours parties, but this special 21st birthday extravaganza saw it move to a normal Saturday night slot, and then teamed up with Beyond to do the afterhours at Area nightclub. It was a great idea and good to see club promoters calibrating with each other to make an amazing event that had to be one of the best London parties I've been to in a long while.

When people dress up in fucked-up costumes, Halloween is always a fun night out, but even better when a massive venue such as Pulse is at capacity with a sexy crowd of party people. Three dance floors with high ceilings gave us a choice of music from the old-style Trade underground to the new-style funky house. Amazing lazer light shows, LED walls, pyrotechnics and neon Trade artwork made a fest of colour and visual extravagance. The night was simply legendary and proves Trade still has it after soo many years.

Packed from the start, the night opened with a fantastic live show from Stewart Who? and a whole host of dancers performing his club smash Bitch. The DJ lineup was headed by Berlin superstar Monika Kruse along with Smokin Jo, Pagano, Pete Wardman, Steve Thomas, Nick Tcherniak, The Sharp Boys, Gonzalo, Fat Tony, Nik Denton and loads more. Plus of course Trade wouldn't be Trade without the amazing vocalist talent of Tonnic.

Promoter Laurence Malice gives his thanks:

"Last weekend, Trade showed that it’s still as fresh today as it’s ever been. Monika Kruse and our ruling residents were fantastic! Thanks to all who helped, and a special mention must go out to our production team, who produced such an amazing stage show. And a very special thanks to all our loyal customers who have supported us over the last 21 years – without your energy and love we would not have the memories we can cherish for years to come. Look out for more Trade events coming soon!"

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Trade 21st Birthday 2011 London