As One Party - Easter 2012 London

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As One Party - Easter 2012 London

The biggest Orange Nation super-brand from London was back for an Easter Spectacular – bringing together the hottest parties from the London scene united As One.

The mega party took over the entire Fire complex – including FIRE, LIGHTBOX & PROTOCOL, offering a giant playground to showcase a plethora of brands covering a complete cross section of the UK gay scene.

Six clubs took part: ORANGE, MEGAWOOF, TRADE, ONYX, MEN WHO FELL TO EARTH & CASA LATINA , plus the Protocol VIP.

 Music ranged from pumping house, to deep and techy, commercial anthems, and so much more, with gogo boys, live performances, fire shows and special As One production.

DJs included: The Sharp Boys, Fat Tony, The Oli, Nick Tcherniak, Gonzalo Rivas, Guy Williams, Rossco, Tasty Tim, Lady Lloyd, Daz Saund, Max Sanna, Celso Moura and Doug Silva.

Hosts included Chrissy Darling, Elektra Paris, Danny Boyce and Mauricio Ortiz..

Sexy performers and gogos throughout the club showcased the most talented acts in London, with custom visuals and décor transforming the venue into the mega party known as As One..

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As One Party - Easter 2012