London World Pride - Saturday 7th July 2012

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World Pride - London 2012

London 2012... its a big event packed year – the Olympics, the queens diamond jubilee and of course World Pride

It was a day for the history books when Gay pride day of our nations capital not only gets World Pride and Euro Pride status, but also is 40 years since the very first London Pride march. Peter Tatchell who is one several people representing the veterans of Britain's first Gay Pride march in July 1972 lead the procession. He was also using the day to highlight the need to decriminalise homosexuality worldwide and global LGBT equality. "Forty-four members of the Commonwealth still criminalise homosexuality."

Prime Minister David Cameron also sent a message of support Saturday, wishing those involved a "happy Pride". He said "It is 40 years since people first marched in London calling for equal rights, since then we've come a very long way and progress is still being made." Ministers have pledged to legalise gay marriage in England and Wales by 2015, despite opposition from some Conservative lawmakers and religious figures.

With the slogan “TODAY LONDON, TOMORROW THE WORLD” an estimated 25,000 people took part in the procession - the biggest turnout ever - with thousands more cheering them on.  A capacity crowd packed Trafalgar Square to see fantastic performances from artists including Boy George and Deborah Cox.

Overall it was as usual a great day out with lots of fun and banter. A time for us to get together and celebrate who they are. However it could have been better organised…

Just 1 week before the big day some unwelcomed news hit the internet and caused outrage through the community. The London Pride charity had a cash flow problem, companies that had pledged to donate didn’t stump up the cash and so the event had to be drastically cut back. The charity blamed increased costs and the tough economic climate for the funding shortfall.

The main things that were charged were:

  • No floats in the procession - by doing this the parade can be classified as a peaceful protest march and organized at the police’s own expense.
  •  No official Soho street party - although the roads would be closed anyway due to amounts of people, they wouldn’t officially need to be closed due to a street party.
  •  The procession and Trafalgar Square festival would start 2 hours early - to help reduce people attending.

What is it with the Council and their rule books? Way too much red tape and lack of common sense!

Bar owners have even reported having visits from the council enforcing the normal everyday rules of no loud music or drinking on the street!

In 2013 London Pride will be renamed London community Pride and run by the LGBT community.

There will be a vibrant, high-impact Parade through central London to a showcase in Trafalgar Square, entertainments and parties across London but also a series of cultural, sporting, political, artistic and faith events in the run up to and after the big day itself. The Pride Parade will take place on Saturday 29 June 2013.