Hampstead Heath - London

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Hampstead Heath - London

It's a massive park, located slightly Northwest of central London just above Camden. To the West of the park there are several Victorian style swimming ponds (called Highgate Bathing Ponds), one is uni-sex, one is dedicated women only and the other is...you guessed it...men only. Wherever you find a "men only" swimming area you bound to find a large population of gay boys and this is one of the best of them. By the entrance to the pond there is a stretch of grassland. Here's a short Mpeg video clip. On a hot sunny day it gets packed (we're talking in hundreds at the weekends) with some of London's best looking lads all stripped to just there speedos. There is a relaxed atmosphere with many guys just chilling out, soaking up the sun and enjoying each others company. Others come well prepared with food hampers and booze to picnic like only queens know how! Its great fun and better than a beach as there is no annoying sand to get in your sandwiches or other unwanted places!

To access the pond there is a very cruisy changing area with a separate nude sunbathing area sectioned off to the left of the unit. There are also a couple of showers available direct from the coldwater mains, and when I say cold I mean freezing - no time for playing!

The pond itself is great. There is a narrow deck that leads out to a diving board. It can get quite crowded at busy times. Its quite a large pond so there is plenty of swimming to do and some lifeguards to watch over you.

So if you are in London this summer and want a break from the urban bussle take yourself off to Hampstead Heath. It's a fantastic place; great fun and the boys very sexy.

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