Manchester Euro Pride - August 2003

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Euro Pride in Manchester 2003

This year Manchester was the chosen city to host EuroPride, so everything was laid on in a much grander scale. The parade was one of the best ever, with a lot of effort being put into the costumes and floats. Canal Street (the gay area of the city) and surrounding car parks were fenced off. You had to buy £15 wrist bands to gain access, it helped raise significant funds for charity and keep the event predominantly gay. 

EuroPride is a pan-European international event dedicated to LGBT pride, hosted by a different European city each year. The host city is usually one with an established gay pride event or a significant LGBT community.

For up to a fortnight, numerous sporting and artistic events are staged throughout the host city. Europride usually culminates during a weekend with a traditional Mardi Gras-style pride parade, live music, special club nights, and an AIDS memorial vigil.

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