Manchester Pride - August 2007

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Manchester Pride 2007

Wow… the whole weekend was a real escapade and great fun to be involved with. It was a non-stop party with very little sleep over the 4 days. We arrived on the Friday evening and checked into our swanky hotel, the Malmaison Hotel. It’s quite a posh hotel with nicely decorated rooms (think Moulin Rouge) and centrally located to both the train station and gay area of the city.

After checking in, the boys wanted to go to a gym for a quick pump and get the blood circulating after the long train journey. So I came up with the idea of filming some the boys in the gym as part of this video. We all piled into the small gym of the hotel and I was pleased to see that there was no-one else in there, so asked the boys to take there tops off. Then I glanced around the room and saw there was no CCTV and a lock on the inside of the gym door. The gym was due to close in 1 hour anyway, so I guessed there’d be no one else wanting to use it. Great I thought... lets film a “naked workout”. So I got the boys to take everything off and carry on with their exercises. It was great, there were willies bouncing around all over the place. Until... bang…bang…bang… on the door. Everyone scrambled for there clothes. On the way back to the rooms the hotel receptionist (a very friendly guy who checked us in) was standing along the corridor and explained that the hotel manager had seen us through the gym window (which only faces out onto a old canal) and had asked him to come to the gym to stop our activities.

We carried on with the filming in one of the bedrooms. The boys all got in the shower together and started rubbing soap over each other. Then there was a nock at the door, I didn’t open it straight away because I was busy filming the guys splashing about. After several nocks I rushed over to the door and was pushed back by 6 police men and 1 police woman. They all piled into the room looking very cross and concerned. Looking back on it all now it is really funny and makes the film even better, but at the time I was really pissed off that they were disturbing the shoot that was going down really well on camera. To cut a long story short the police said we had 20 minutes to get everything out of the hotel and we were booted out onto the street.

Its common knowledge that hotels during Manchester Pride weekend always sell out, so trying to get another one booked at short notice was going to be very difficult. Luckily we found a 3 bedroom apartment which had just had a cancellation. Apart from that little hick-up the rest of the weekend was fantastic. It was our favourite UK pride weekend of 2007, better than London, Birmingham and even Brighton.

We performed two large strip shows during the weekend. The first show was for the main evening dance party called Uni Challenge at the Manchester Student Union. The second show was with Federation at the Apollo Theatre.

You can watch the special “Manchester Pride Uncut Video" with all the naughty bits, fun in the showers, both strip shows and all the back stage action at: