Gay Wrestling - fun with the boys

Submission WrestlingWrestling a sexy lad, testing each other's strength and agility is quite a turn on for many guys. All that hot sweaty body contact, feeling the opponent's body up close against yours and brushing over areas you wouldn't normally get to touch. Like any game your out to win and when you do it's a big adrenaline rush and feeling of power.

Unfortunately the UK schools don't teach wrestling like they do in the US but that doesn't stop us messing around in the lunch hour grappling with our mates. I remember doing it a lot at school, on a hot summer's day a group of us would sit outside eating our lunch on the edge of the playing fields. We use to mess around and taunt each other; play fighting - sometimes quite rough until one of us would submit. We'd fumble around grabbing each others crotches, apply head locks, knuckle screws and bend arms and legs back wards until you'd hear him yelp in pain and call you to stop. I remember one day towards the end of term we wrestled each other in turn, the aim was to get our hand down the front of the opponent's trousers, grab his dick, pull on it and laugh at the looser as a form of humiliation.

Gay Submission WrestlingAs you become older, messing around with your straight mates becomes less frequent. There are however quite a few wrestling clubs dotted around the country to go and practice with other enthusiasts. You start learning proper techniques and holds and get to meet some very sexy, fit, agile guys. From my own experience most guys who wrestle do have at least a small amount of bi-sexuality in them. Like any contact sport such as Rugby and Karate it's a way of getting the physical body contact of another man up close to you and feeding you testosterone and aggression. Call it male bonding, close mates or want ever just avoiding the word `gay`. Being branded gay for many men is considered to make you a nancy, poof or in some way feminine. For the macho guy who is bi-sexual or in the closet, wrestling is a great sport to get that much desired male to male contact.

The internet is the best way of finding your nearest club. Its also a good place to buy the specialized gear such as singlet's and boots. Having the right gear makes the match even more sexual for some. If you're like me then seeing a well fitted singlet that contours around all the right places on his body makes the match even hornier. A shiny pair a swimming trunks is just as good fun or even just a jock strap on its own.

Gay speedo WrestlingIt's one of the oldest sports in the world and there's many different styles of wrestling such as Olympic, Roman, Amateur, Folk, Submission, Pro (WWF), NHB, Oil and Mud wrestling. Gay wrestling or erotic wrestling is practiced a lot between active gay lovers. You can either play it long and slow acting, out the moves and relishing the moment rather than trying to win, or a bit more rough and tumble, striping/tearing each others clothes off and inflicting submission holds. This way is good to the question of who will play the active/passive roll of the night ahead. Many gay men avoid receiving anal penetration, indulging instead in other forms of sex. A good hard submission wrestling match is an excellent form of foreplay, it gets the blood pumping, sweat dripping and the winner gets to play the active roll over his partner at the end.

Many guys would rather enjoy just watching a match between two sexy guys grappling each other rather than actually performing in it him self. If this is the case then there is many video's available to buy from specialist shop's and of course the internet, which also supplies an unlimited array of pictures and still's. Some of the bigger companies to offer such videos are Can-Am and BG East. They offer a wide range of wrestling styles to suit whatever your fetish is, many having surprising, though nonetheless satisfying, conclusions to the bout.

Are you a sexy guy, living in England, who likes to wrestle? Contact us with your stats along with a current photo and maybe we could get together to film a match.


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