Bambam Wrestle - London 2007

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Naked Wrestle with Bambam

Bambam is a 21 year old straight boy from Brazil. Wow he is a stunner, muscular and raw, always talking about girls and how much he loves pussy. He’s getting to be quite a popular model on this site and has a lot of fan’s here in England and back in his Brazilian home city of Rio.

He’s done quite a bit of work for us recently, check out our Manchester Pride review and the sexy music videos we filmed in Italy. Although he’s straight he doesn’t mind hanging out with gay boys, in fact he loves the attention. His personality is best described as that of the Looney Toons Tasmania Devil on Viagra. I really don’t know anyone that’s got more energy and excitement as he does. He’s also a big comedian, a very funny guy, almost to the point that I think there’s something wrong with him. All-in-all he’s a great guy to hang out with and to have as a friend.

“Gay submission wrestling” is a popular sport (if that’s what you want to call it), and involves wrestling but with a sexual side to it (lots of cock grabbing, humiliation and pulling off each others trunks). Erick and myself wrestled Brian twice, first was the “Blue Speedos Wrestle” and then about a month later the “Mad Oil Wrestle”. Both were filmed here in central London England in Autum 2007.

Above are some short preview videos and a selection of photo’s and video stills from the bouts.

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