Mud Wrestling - Alex v Jay in London 2007

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Muscle Boys Mud Wrestling

Wrestling around in nasty smelly river mud is a messy task and not much fun. However some people love playing about in gooey, sticky substances or a least watching others do it. It’s a strange fetish but we like to keep our viewers pleased and will attempt most reasonable requests.

Alex is a straight guy and Jay is gay, both are Brazilian and I’m sure you’ll agree, look great together. We filmed the shoot next to London’s Millennium Dome, in the mud of the river Themes. When we first got to the location the river was at high tide with not much mud around. We had to wait for a couple of hours for the tide to go out and the water level drop. Then there was plenty of fresh gooey mud to get messy in.

Although this was filmed in May 2007 on a warm spring day, the mud was very cold. You’ll see when the boys speedos come off, they were very cold. They soon warmed up and “got back to size” when they cleaned up in a hot shower and finished off the video with a wank. Alex (a straight guy) even allowed Jay a little play… lucky him!

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