Mud Wrestling - Bristol England 2001

Messy Mud Wrestling

Lee, 24 from Manchester in England, met up with me for a wrestling match. It was a wet winter's day in March 2001. Instead of the usual speedo wrestling in the bedroom; I came up with the mud wrestling idea. It was both our first time to mud wrestle. I knew this great spot were I use to walk my dog. It was a ditch in a horse paddock on the outskirts of Bristol. I think the horses use to tread through it a lot so the mud was quite gooey, actually very sticky gooey clay mud.

The mud was so sticky it was very difficult to move around in, we were sucked into it like glue. The mud got everywhere so it wasn't long before our underwear was useless and came off so we could wrestle naked.

 The worse bit about doing it was getting back to the house for a shower. We had to walk about 10 minutes though a housing estate, covered head to toe in mud. We sure got some very strange looks from passers by. Then we had the hard job of getting clean. The mud which was like clay, took ages to wash off, especially when its starts to dry from the heat of your body.

I must have been 23 or 24 years old when this was filmed, its quite embarrassing looking back at it. The quality of the video is very poor because back then technology wasn't what it was today. Actually these clips were considers to be "high quality" back then. Its amazing how internet video has changed in such a short time.

Special thanks to Lee for a very memorable fun day!

You can see more messy mud wrestling, filmed in high definition at: