Oil Wrestling 5 Boys - March 2012

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5 Boys Naked Oil Wrestling

We all love to watch a good wresting match between two sexy guys, but even better when 5 buff boys wrestle naked together in oil in the same pit. Oil wrestling is great fun, the slippery sexual homo-erotic sight of good looking guys rolling around in a mass of flesh and muscles, dicks flopping about and groping hands from straight boys its pure fun entertainment.

The majority of the guys here are straight, but they all had a great time performing in this match, even though it looks very gay, its good fun for them and great to watch the boys having a good time together in their natural naked splendor.

First we asked them to wrestle in some red speedos. Matt and Oliver started the fight against each other, then next up if was Lee, Dylan and Toddgy to do a threesome. The following bout all five boys got in together and the competition really heater up when we got them to fight for their trunks. Poor Dylan was the first to loose his when his big dick flopped out of his speedos, thanks to the helping hands of Lee. The winner who managed to keep them on till the end was Toddgy.

Now all the speedos were off the barriers were down and it was time for a mass naked wrestle. Five hunky naked boys rolling around in oil. The oil highlighted their muscles, showing them off to their best. These boys looked fantastic, an amazing sight of homo-eroticness at its best.

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