Gay Oil Wrestling - Summer 2001 England

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Oil Wrestling in the Summer Sun

What could be more fun: two horny guys rolling around together, bodies embraced, muscle pumped, speedos bulging. Wrestling in oil adds even more excitement to a match, it makes your skin silky smooth and much more sexual.

It was on a hot summers day in 2001 that my friend Lee came over for a bout. I don't live far from the countryside and when walking my dog one day I found the ideal location for an oil wrestle. In the corner of a local field there's a large bowl shaped hole in the ground, just the type of thing you need to keep you and the oil from running out. We got some large sheets of plastic from B&Q and laid them across the pit, holding it down with some tent pegs. We also put an old duvet underneath the plastic to add a bit of padding and comfort. It worked really well, first we started off in just some white briefs, the oil made them go totally transparent. We wrestled to see who could get each others briefs off first. It didn't take long before we were completely naked rolling around, pinning each other down in various holds underneath the summer sunshine.

We also brought some speedos along so we put them on for a while too and again wrestled around to see who could strip each other off first. You can't beat the sight of oil drenched lycra speedos stretched tight over your opponent's cock, it both looks and feels great!

This was the first ever edited internet video that I made. Sorry about the low quality, back in 2001 internet video and bandwidth speed wasn't as it is today. In fact at the time this video was considered "high quality". These days this doesn't even meet the video quality of low quality. Its also a little embarrassing watching and hearing what I have to say in the video . I must have been 23 or 24 when this was filmed and so I'll blame it on my young naive age. But hay its all good fun!

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