Messy Wrestling Documentary - Bristol England 2001

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Messy Wrestling Documentary

In mid May 2001 a straight lad from Essex (in England) contacted me via email and wanted a wrestle. I'd never tried oil wrestling before, mainly because it was difficult to set up. I wouldn't do it in the house because of the mess it would course, so it had to be outside. I set out and dug out a dish-like-pit in the ground, layered it with an old duvet and cushions, and covered it all with some thick plastic sheeting from my local DIY store. It worked quite well, although it was too small to roll around lots. The shape of the pit was good because it kept us both and all the oil in one central point. It was very erotic grappling with a straight boy wearing just oil drenched, lycra speedos. It loved the experience and can't wait till I do it again.  

This was set up for a TV documentary crew who were filming for a program on ITV. I must have been 23 or 24 when this was filmed and is quite embarrassing looking back at it. The quality of the video is very poor because back then we didn't have the technology that we have today. But its all good fun and was an experience. It was interesting seeing how they made the documentary and edited the video which is now my line of business.

I remember making the oil wrestling pit in the corner of a field near the outskirts of Bristol. On another match the farmer caught us, it was very embarrassing having him yelling at us when we were dressed in just an oil drenched speedo. Goodness knows what he must have thought!